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We believe properly managing your energy usage shouldn't be complicated nor stressful. Our experienced energy consultants along with our C-10 certified engineers provide a wealth of valuable knowledge and clean technology solutions for your place of commercial or residential needs. With us, the only thing you have to do is relax. Also, the sooner you take action, the sooner you will give back. A percentage of all of our revenue goes directly towards fighting human trafficking.


Why is it when humanity found a precious energy source like oil, we decided to burn it? We empower individuals like yourself to save the world through clean, renewable "green-tech" systems we design specifically for your family or company. Save money and save the environment. Over one million Americans have already started saving.

Join the revolution today.


Don't let your fear of "spending too much" stop you from reaching an optimal energy life-style today. We offer multiple financing options that'll not only help you attain your ideal clean-energy system but also provide you with the financial freedom you have always desired.

Call us now to schedule a free no-obligation consultation with one of our knowledgeable and free consultants. 


The majority of the clean-energy systems we design are manageable right from your mobile device. We also use this technology to monitor your energy activity to ensure your system is operating at its optimum level.


Matthew T.

Los Angeles, CA

After I spent more than a year trying to get solar installed on my home. Mission energy got it done in about two weeks!

Katie M.

San Diego, CA

We recently had Mission Energy Solutions installed at our home. I shopped around to receive quotes from two other companies but missions pricing was the best.

Jessica N.

Pasadena, CA

I went with Mission Energy Solutions because of their willingness and ability to help me understand what system would work best for my goals and my situation. Everything about the process was smooth. Thank you guys for doing a wonderful job




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