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Call or contact us to let us know you're interested in our free consultation. An energy consultant will respond to you in a timely manner to set up a date and time to meet at your building or home to properly evaluate your energy usage and needs

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We Arrive At Your Location

Our experienced consultants arrive at your building or home and evaluate your current energy usage. This is completely free and there is no obligation. The main purpose of this stage is to properly understand your needs and identify opportunities where you can generate clean-energy.

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We Review Your Options & Finalize Your Design

As you may have already seen, we have multiple options in providing you with the most optimal clean energy-system you will ever have. With the many financing options (see here) we have available, your dream of reaching your ideal clean-energy lifestyle can be very attainable and very much a dream come true.

Step 4

We Install Your New Clean-Energy System

Our C-10 certified engineers and installers arrive at your location with all of your clean-technology and start the installation process. Believe it or not, this process on average takes only a day for homeowners. You wouldn't even have to be present for us to install since most of the installation and setup is done outside.

Step 5

Once Your Utility Company Approves

                                     ...We Turn It On

Since your building or home is attached to the grid, we will need approval from the utility company to turn on your new clean-energy system. Once that approval is received, we simply flip the switch to start your clean-energy generation. It's that easy. Contact us now to start the process.

See If We're Right For You | Call 1 (800) 487-6188 Today!

Frequently Asked Questions


We understand how stressful investing in a clean-energy system can be. Here are some questions you may have which we can answer for you right away. Have a question which isn't listed here? Ask us here.



How much does a clean-energy system cost?


The cost of your clean-energy investment will vary greatly depending on the size of your system, your location and available incentives pertaining to your specific area. Mission Energy Solutions will provide a free consultation and look at your specific home or building to provide you with an accurate quote. We install top-quality systems without sacrificing the longevity of your system's life-span for a very reasonable rate.



Can my electric bill truly be $0?


Depending on the size of your clean-energy system and your current energy usage, your clean-energy system could possibly produce more electricity than what is consumed each month. As a result, your net electricity costs goes down to $0. 



Do I get paid for producing extra energy?


Yes! Most utility companies allow home or business owners like yourself to sell back credits annually. The concept is called Net Metering. This allows you to produce more energy than you consume which creates credits for you or your company.



May I install my clean-energy system myself?


It is highly not recommended. Not only will this void the warranty of your clean-energy technology, the installation requires both licensed electrical and roofing engineers/installers to ensure your clean-energy system is assembled and installed properly to guarantee 25+ years of energy production and generation. There have been multiple cases of individuals destroying their home and clean-energy systems due to not relying on professionals like ourselves to properly install their system. When you have it professionally done, it is done right the first time.



Will my clean-energy system affect the integrity of my roof?


We follow the industry's best methods and practices when it comes to installing your clean-energy system. Our C-10 certified engineers and installers have many years of clean-technology installation experience. Unlike many other clean-energy companies, Mission Energy Solutions installs systems with pure precision by utilizing flashings to ensure the stability and integrity of your roof. Flashing will ensure your roof will not lose it's integrity over many years to come. Believe it or not, many companies don't even use flashing when installing their clean-technology systems. This causes many problems like leaking, decreased integrity and roof strength. We install right the first time and we're confident in providing you with a 25 year workmanship warranty for all of our installations.



Will my clean-energy system be affected by severe weather?


The solar panels we install are repeatedly tested over and over again to ensure each clean-energy system can withstand extreme weather conditions like high-speed winds and severe hail storms.



Will my clean-energy system generate energy during a black out?


It really depends on the design of your clean-energy system. If we installed back-up batteries in your building or home, then yes. These are solely designed to provide electricity in the event you were to experience a black out. On the other hand, if you only have solar panels installed on your roof, unfortunately you won't have power during a black out due to safety precautions implemented by your utility company. When the grid goes off, all solar panels have to be turned off as well.



Could I take my home off the grid?


Yes. Although you would need 2 major components to make this a possibility. Solar Panels and Home Batteries. Solar panels as you already know generate energy received from the sun, although there will be many times where you will be consuming more energy than what your solar panels produce, this is where the Home Battery kicks in and provides previously stored electricity. It isn't always recommended to completely take your home off the grid because you could very well miss out on some cash-saving incentives provided by your utility company.



Can my HOA or neighbors prevent me from having solar panels?


Fortunately in California, your HOA’s are no longer legally able to prevent you from installing solar on your home. This helps expedite the installation process for you so that you are saving money faster!



I don't plan on being in my home for the next 25 years, so whats the point?


The good thing is since families and even companies move regularly, your clean-energy decision shouldn't be swayed because you're saving money the moment your system is turned on. A clean-energy system, believe it or not, can actually pay for itself completely in the following 4 to 8 years after installation. If you were to move prior to your clean-energy system being 100% paid off, the remaining balance would actually be instantly provided to you the moment you sold your home. Think about it, who wouldn’t want to live in a house or lease out a building that is so energy efficient, it has significantly lower or virtually non-existant energy costs every month? Instant value is provided to your home or building the moment you install our clean-energy technology. Contact us now to find out how much revenue you can generate.